Disc golf is a sport played much like traditional "ball" golf, in which a player must try to get his or her disc into a target basket in as few throws as possible. Also known as Frisbee Golf, the sport uses the same terminology and principals as ball golf: putters, drivers, par, bogies, birdies and tees, just to name a few.

Like traditional golf, disc golf can be fun for the whole family. It's easy enough that everyone can enjoy it, but is also challenging enough to keep you coming back for more! Unlike traditional golf, however, disc golf doesn't take a lot of expensive equipment. Also unlike traditional golf, most disc golf courses in public parks, and you don't need to pay greens fees, get a tee time or be a member of any club to throw.

What is a Disc?

Basically, a disc is a round, flat piece of plastic specially made to be thrown. Frisbee is one brand of disc, and most discs are heavier and smaller than the frisbees you get at company picnics.

For your first discs, you will want at minimum a good "mid-range" disc. These are made to fly fairly far, fairly straight when thrown correctly.
(Click here for tips on throwing a disc.) You may also want a putter (for very short tosses into the basked) and a driver (for longer throws). Ask a store clerk for help if you don't know which would be best.

When choosing a weight, typically, the lighter a disc is, the further it will carry. However, the more advanced player you are, the heavier disc you will need to be able to control your shots correctly. Heavier discs rely on the lift created by the rotation of the disc for their distance, so they have to be thrown with a lot of spin.

You can find discs at many local stores in the Des Moines area, including Day Dreams, Scheels and Play it Again Sports. You can also find lots of retailers online by searching for "disc golf discs."
How Do I Get Started?

Anyone can go out and play a round of disc golf. All you need is a disc or Frisbee, a good pair of walking shoes and a sense of fun!

First, find a course near you.

Second, learn the rules, terminology, and how to play. Basically, everyone takes a turn throwing from the designated teeing area. Make sure you are throwing toward the target, usually a basket similar to the one pictured on this page.

After everyone has thrown, the grow walks to their disc and throw again, until everyone's disc has landed in the basket. Each throw is counted as a stroke. Then, everyone proceeds to the next tee and does it all over again, with the person who got the best score (fewest strokes) throwing first from the tee.

Many courses have out of bounds areas such as roads, fences and private property, and many have obstacles such as thick grass, trees or brush, so watch where you throw your disc. Also, be courteous to other players on the course - sometimes fairways are tight!

That's it! You can read the official rules of disc golf from the Professional Disc Golf Association. As you play more, you will find these rules useful.

Once you are comfortable, sign up for local tournaments and events to play with other disc golfers. It's a great way to get to know other people in your community! Check this web site often for updates about upcoming events in your area.
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